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Society of Fellows     


Society of Fellows

The Royal Society of Fellows (RSOF) is the premier professional cross-disciplinary society that educates, trains and certifies professionals in international tax, compliance, anti-money laundering and corporate and computer security. The leadership of the RSOF consists of a distinguished specialist faculty, structured as a global think-tank that provides its membership practical instruction, education, training and intelligence on cross-border planning and compliance using advanced compliant platforms. RSOF's goal is the pursuit of excellence in academic and business practice through creating standards and setting benchmarks that our industry, professions and practitioners should always strive to achieve. The objectives of the RSOF are as follows:

  • Promote and facilitate cross-disciplinary research and networking at many levels and in particular to engender greater collaboration between scholars and those involved in the practice.
  • Contribute to government policy-making
  • Develop and improve national and international laws.
  • Provide a forum for dialogue between supra-national organizations (e.g. FATF and OECD) and the national governments and professional bodies
  • Establish professional ethical and quality standards through academically accredited professional development programs
  • Provide a forum for recognition of an individual’s level of quality contribution to the profession and academia
  • Create professional and social networking events

The Society achieves these objectives through a number of initiatives including academic publications, policy papers, conferences, symposia, informational services, academic research, training, and support of academic programs. The Society provides training and advanced practical research to respond directly to the needs of members.

The members of the Society come together as a single group for discussion and collaboration at the bi-annual meetings of The Society.

The Society establishes National Branches and Sections to promote local membership and to fulfill the Society’s objectives in its topic areas.