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Becoming a Fellow

A Fellow is a professional expert in one of the RSOF's disciplines. The title of Fellow is reserved for the highest caliber of professional work.

  • Fellows will receive a distinguishing wall plaque
  • Fellows will be listed in a special section "Certified Professional and Academic Experts" in the online Experts Database.
  • Fellows may serve on the governing boards of the Society and the internal societies.
  • Fellows may be invited to submit policy or professional papers to the Society at its bi-annual conferences.
  • Fellows may apply for a research grant at a partnering academic institution.


Requirements include:

  • Completion of two Royal Society Diplomas and Advanced Diplomas or completion of a government accredited Masters degree in a relevant discipline
  • Completion of a fifty-page, academic publishable quality article in a relevant discipline, with a minimum 125 footnotes, judged by the Academic Council; and,
  • Ten years professional experience.